Zombie Head #3

This one of a kind full size, adult male head will make you do a double take and reach for your shot gun!
Each head is Uniquely hand made. No two are the same. Includes a PVC neck piece so you can attach right to your own Zombie body.  Don't forget the double Tap!      
I can custom and special request these if you have something in mind. New heads coming soon!    

Rotting Corpse

This poor soul has been rotting for ages and he still has decayed flesh just being eaten away.   You will receive one like the picture.  I make these to order, and I can add hair or eyes or guts for an extra charge.  Contact me for extras.   May contain latex, if your allergic, let me know and I can Make

it without!

See, Hear, Speak No Evil Skulls

These twisted Little gems can add a splash of color to that dark corner of your heart.  Mix and match colors or keep them all one color: red, blue, yellow, orange, green, purple or white.  Antiquing also available.  White antiqued only.  Colors also available in translucent!   Each skull measures 2"x 2"x 2.5"  set of three. (Leave color preference in checkout notes)

Dead Fairy

I caught this little creature some time ago in my grandmothers woods. Guess I should have put some air holes.    2.5"x 3"

Goblin Fetus

Looks like twins, also looks good with a black light.   4.5"x 4.5"

I'm a Thing Maker

Vampire Skull

Crispy, Charred and if it was still alive, pissed.  But don't worry, This vampire is dead.  Acrylic eyes, and Real fangs!! I can add a half inch diameter pvc @ the neck if you like. Let me know in the notes. Thanks   Materials: Urethane Foam, Resin, Acrylic, Shark Bits, Synthetic hai

to the End of the World 2020 Survivor fund

Creature in a Jar

Seriously, what is this? Maybe you can figure it out.    3"x 5"

Beauty Elixir

To make the outside reflect the inside. Proceed with caution.
1.5"x 1.5"x 5"

Justin Lex

All content is original artwork and therefor no two items are identical.  If you see something here that you would like to make specific requests on please feel free to do so in the comment section on the contact page.

Creature Oddities and Potion Bottles

Med Skull    #3040

Just the right amount of skull.
Painted with your choice of colors or left all natural for your crafty enjoyment! Great Pool toy!


Creepy Critter Lg Bottle

This brain sucker was extracted and contained. Then it started to multiply.  Good Luck!        2.5"x 9.5"

These individually made one of a kind Props are for decoration only, Please don't consume contents.  Also, probably not going to be too effective if used in actual spells or voodoo.  Just sayin.   Some Label artwork is from VectoriaDesigns and Betsy Niederer. Some labels are my own Design.  Prices are for pictured items only, new ones coming soon.  Hope you enjoy!           (shipping rates apply)

Ghoulie Eggs

Most of them have already hatched, so no worries...       

2.5"x 3"

Jar of used Eyes

A jar of glow in the dark gooey eyes.    1.5"x 4.5"


It looks harmless, but I wouldn't risk letting it out!    3"x 5.25"


This fine specimen is always watching.    2.5"x 5"

Mini Spine

Maybe it's from a Fairy, maybe it's from a shrunken human. Either way, it looks pretty bad ass!  It looks great on your desk, or as a key chain, or in the cookie jar!  Hand painted, and I can drill a hole if you want it as a key chain or necklace (let me know in checkout notes). 

Pirate Monkey Art 

Zombie Head #4 

<- Same deal as the one to your left 
If you want more than one, contact me so we can work out a discount for ya!  

Essence of Naughtiness

An elixir to bring out the wild side in all of us.      1.5"x 1.5"x 5"

Snake Venom

An aged Jar of Snake Venom to increase sneakiness.  

3"x3"x 4.5"

Spooky Bits for sale

Rotting Head

Rotting, Decaying, Definitely Dead,  Life size adult Homo Sapiens Sapiens Cranium.  it's icky, it's gross, it's squishy, it's awesome AND it can be YOURS !!   I can add a half inch diameter pvc @ the neck if you like. Let me know in the notes.  Thanks   Materials: Urethane Foam, Resin teeth, Acrylics

Gooey Frog

Because, we all need a frog in a jar.    2.5"x 3.25"

Custom, Unique, One of a Kind.  That's what you'll find on this page.  From  Human and Monster remains to Potions and Creatures in Jars!  Feel free to Contact me to order multiple items or for custom requests.  I personally create these spooky bits because I like to scare people, so now you can scare people too with spooky, icky bits!   Enjoy!  
Thanks    -J

Call us at 702-302-4625 for your arts and entertainment props and custom orders  


Fresh from a Rotting Corpse, it may have one of his eyes in there for flavor.    2"x 3"

Life Size Human Skull   # 3050

Full size Human skull. A great durable addition to your Macabre collection.  Each is Handmade and painted to order. Made from a tear resistant light weight foam. They are dense, but cuddly enough to sleep with!   Dim: 5"x 6"x 7.5"
   *color choice available 
   *each one is unique no two are alike 
   *jaw bone extra

Worm Root

It's like a creepy forest in a bottle.  3"x 4"