Pirate Monkey Art 

Rotting corpse. One of many.  Well I needed something to hang in my doorway.  This one was a special request from a customer who wanted a certain level of decay and hair. 

I also do straight jacket escapes.


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Dancing Skeleton
A room Centerpiece, operated from across the food table. When a captains wheel was turned the skeleton did a jig. 

Boris the Beast. 
Built to scare the living daylights outta people.  He has eyes that look left and right and blink.  His mouth moves.  And his hands will close around your torso. 
Check out the pics in the progress gallery!

I'm a Thing Maker

Wood tiki carving.  It has a flat back so it can be hung on a wall or it can set on a shelf.  Made as a gift for a friend.  

Wood end table
Nothing fancy, just a simple end table.  Looks nice and does the job well.   

Prime Costume
Made from Bouncy stilts and lots of foam and cardboard. 
Check out the pics in the progress gallery!

Wood treasure chest.
An elementary school teacher requested this for her classroom to store trinkets and treasures for students

Porch furniture 
We needed a place to sit, besides the ground. 

Captains Boots
Knee high leather pull-on buccaneer boots. Used for my above costume. I think I'm getting pretty good with the leather work. 

Leather Plainsmen Boots
Used as part of the Robin Hood Costume. 

Bush costume.
Made to scare the crap out of trick or treaters... can you spot it? 

Ghostbuster costume
I made this costume because I needed a reason to make a proton pack that lit up and shot silly string. So thats what I did. 

Do you really need a description?

the art of a poop throwing monkey with resin and a paintbrush

Foam rubber trophies.
Prop made for touring show. 

Flaming Jack-O.
Backyard centerpiece for a party.  


Captain Jack
probably one of the more difficult costumes, with accuracy and all.  But definitely one of the most fun I've done. I made the wig, the belts the boots and the wrist bits.  And yes that is my real facial hair, although i did have to braid in some extensions (which I also made).

Wood Coffin
 4' tall home decor.
Made as a gift.
She loved it. 

My wife's halloween costume.  I just turned her into the famous poster.  

Leather quiver, belts and pouches.
All made for a Robin Hood costume.

Leather handbag.
A special request after seeing the one I made for my wife. 

More Soon!

Wooden foldable piano.
Set/ prop for a touring show.  4'x5'x2' when assembled, needed to breakdown to fit into an 11''x27''x17'' suitcase.  it did! 

Justin Lex

Working Scissor Hands.  
Don't wear them in a casino. They don't like it.