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I'm a Thing Maker

Pirate Monkey Art 

Justin Lex

Justin has been creating special house and makeup effects since he first donned a superman cape as a wee little monkey.  Now he has combined his creativity with 15 years of professional experience and collaboration with some of the most talented and creative minds in the industry.

Lex has a striking ability to create astonishing effects to specifically suit any taste and request. He has successfully morphed himself into some of the most famous and infamous characters in hollywood history. Lex has also designed and constructed props from rotting corpses to a collapsable piano that fits into a suitcase!  

Whether he is rigging high in the rafters of the shows along the Las Vegas Strip, or working props and puppets for some of the biggest shows in town;  Justin is always demonstrating a wide array of professional and technical theater skills.     

About the Artist